BOBO the Penguin

Where does BOBO the Penguin come from?

BOBO is a very special penguin. He loves the winter, the mountains, the snow and most of all – skiing. He prefers to be outdoors – only now and again – when it’s biting cold, does he venture indoors where it’s warm. As BOBO the Penguin loves being with children and loves everything that children love, he’s the ideal companion in our ski school. BOBO’s favourite food is fish and as dessert a portion of ice cream. He finds skiing great fun, especially when there are children around. And should he fall over, he just brushes the snow off his feathers, gets up and carries on skiing!


How it all started…
The concept, developed in co-operation with educational professionals, was not just devised for children but with children. Five different figures (bear, marmot, kangaroo, rabbit and penguin) were designed with which children in a kindergarten in Innsbruck could play with. The penguin was the clear favourite and was spontaneously nicknamed BOBO by a child . This result was the basis of the further development of this system of teaching skiing.


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